Holzmeistergasse12 - 21st district Floridsdorf

Synagogue built in: 1876/77
Earliest record of community: 1876
Last rabbi: Dr. Moritz Rosenmann
Pogrom Night: Not destroyed
After 1945: Expropriated and owned by the Red Cross
Today: Apartment building
Summary: In 1876/77 the community Israelitische Kultusgemeinde Foridsdorf erected a synagogue at 12 Holzmeistergasse . Architect Johann Schaeffner designed the building in classical style. The renaissance relief motifs on the eastern wall overlooked the Schindlergasse, the round bow windows illuminated the three-aisled interior, which seated 234 persons. In addition, there were 156 seats in the galleries. In 1907 Floridsdorf was absorbed into the community and the synagogue became one of the six recognized as Gemeindetempel, community synagogues. The building also incorporated a so-called “Wintertempel” in which weekday services were held. The synagogue was also host to the ladies’ benevolent society known as “Chonen Dalim” for the relief of poverty amongst the Galician Jewish population. There was also a Hebrew school for teaching the language and religion.

From 1877 the rabbi was Dr. Samuel Bloch, well-known as a fighter against the antisemitic movement, to which end he founded in 1884 his own newspaper, which circulated until the First World War, and initiated the establishment of the Austrian Jewish Union. Known for his open stand against the arch-antisemite Rohling, Rabbi Bloch was chosen as representative of the Galician areas of Kolomea-Beczacz in the Austrian parliament and from this position he was able to oversee and defend Jewish interests.

His successor in 1923 was Dr. Moritz [Moses] Rosenmann, who, highly regarded, occupied the position till 1938. He was also the biographer of the great communal rabbis Isaak Noah Mannheimer and Adolph Jellinek. After the Anschluss he managed to reach Palestine but before the end of the war fell victim to one of the few enemy air raids on Tel Aviv.

The synagogue was not destroyed during the November pogrom, as it had been taken over one week previously as a first aid station for the German Red Cross. Sometime later the Red Cross converted it into a warehouse.
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Located in: Vienna