Dollinergasse 3 (Israelitischer Tempelverein Doebling) - 19th District Döbling

Synagogue built in: 1907
Last rabbi: Dr. Arnold Frankfurter, Wilhelm Steiner
Pogrom Night: Devastated
After 1945: Factory building
Today: since 1995 apartment building
Summary: The Jewish community’s Tempelverein Doebling organization built the synagogue at 3 Dollinergasse in 1907, financed mostly by private means. According to the design of the architect Julius Wohlmuth, a fully detached mansion, surrounded on three sides by a courtyard, was converted into a synagogue.

The modern-styled building had seating accommodation for 480 persons, also a community centre with Hebrew classes and a ladies’ benevolent society catering to the 19th district. From 1919 Dr. Arnold Frankfurter functioned as the community preacher.

On November 10,,1938, by 9 am. the interior had been destroyed and burnt out up to the outer walls. The new “owner” of the site used it for industrial purposes until the eighties; the unlawfully acquired premises were thus utilised until 1995 when the building was completely torn down. Today a block of flats stands in place of the former synagogue. In 1990 the Vienna Municipality erected a memorial plaque, which was replaced in 1997 with a new one, designed by Gerhard Schultz.
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Located in: Vienna