Hubergasse 8 - 16th district Ottakring (Israelitische Vorortegemeinde Ottakring)

Last rabbi: Dr. Julius Max Bach
Pogrom Night: Burnt down
After 1945: Apartment Block
Summary: In the years 1885/6 the Jewish community of the Ottaking suburb erected a synagogue according to the design of the architect Ludwig Tischler. Three entrances led to the lobby, which gave way to an interior with an impressive wooden ceiling and seating for 406 men and 266 women in the gallery. Unobtrusively, the only exterior indication of the building’s purpose was the display of the two tablets with the Ten Commandments on the frontage, together with the Shield of David.

In 1890 the synagogue came under the control of the Vienna Kultusgemeinde. The first rabbi was Dr. Moritz Deutsch, followed in 1899 by Dr. Julius Max Bach. In 1928 a smaller synagogue was built onto the main building, it became known as the Wintertempel. Such a facility was necessary in most large synagogues to be utilized on Sabbaths and Festivals when it was economic to involve the community in the expense of heating such a vast area. For weekdays a smaller, easier-to-heat building sufficed. In this case, the Wintertempel, with its entrance in the Eitelbergergasse, was elegantly styled by the much sought after synagogue architect Ignaz Reiser in modern geometric form typical of the interwar years. It could seat 124 men, and boasted a ladies’ gallery. From 1932 the cantor was Moritz Mosche Harendorf, murdered in Auschwitz in 1944.

In the course of the November 10, 1938 pogrom the synagogue was set on fire at 10:39 am. A memorial tablet was erected June 12, 1988.
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Located in: Vienna