Turnergasse 22 (Israelitische Kultusgemeinde Wien) - 15th District Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus

Synagogue built in: 1871/72
Last rabbi: Dr. H. J. Zimmels
Pogrom Night: Burnt Down
Today: Apartment building
Summary: In the years 1871/1872 a large, impressive synagogue was built at 22 Turnergasse. The prize-winning architect Carl Koenig designed a striking historic building in renaissance style, unusual at the time for sacred edifices and thus distinguished it from the ecclesiastical style without utilizing the Moorish element which would portray too foreign an appearance. In addition, a central tower instead of the usual twin towers typical of the church architecture of the time gave the temple a distinctive style. The fully detached building, featuring three aisles, seated 496 men; the ladies’ gallery seated 333 beneath a luxuriously decorated ceiling.

During the years 1891/2 the executive of the Vienna Kultusgemeinde took over the administration of the community and the synagogue was designated the community temple for the Meidling, Rudolfsheim and Fuenfhaus districts. Especially worthy of mention was the annex, built in 1923, necessitated by the growth of the community. The existing beth midrash, used on weekdays, had become far too small: the new one had 128 seats but no ladies section. It compared in style and in use to the so-called Wintertempel in the Hubergasse. Although less modern in design, it occupied a large part of the courtyard and was very much used. Rabbis of the synagogue included Dr. Adolf Schmiedl [1869–1894], Dr. Max Grunwald [1895–1913] and Dr. Israel Taglicht [1913–1932].

On the morning of November 10, 1938 the synagogue was set on fire, by 11:40 it was completely destroyed. In December 1939 the local council of the 15th district decided to level the site, this was carried out in December 1941.

On the site today is a block of flats. A memorial tablet commemorates the destroyed synagogue.
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Located in: Vienna