Der Storchentempel - Emuas Awes (Faith of the Forefathers) - 15th district Rudolfsheim-Fuenfhaus

Synagogue built in: in or around 1873
Earliest record of community: 1863
Last rabbi: Aaron Weiss
Pogrom Night: Interior destroyed
Today: Apartment building
Summary: The associated synagogue Emunas Awes (Faith of the Forefathers) was founded before the turn of the century. As a religious center for the inhabitants of the 15th district more inclined to orthodoxy, the so-called “Storchentempel” served also as a connecting link between the outlying areas and the inner city.

The synagogue was in a two storey mansion, with an interior specially reconstructed for that purpose. There was also accommodation for a Talmud Torah school, and facilities for ladies’ and youth organizations. From 1890 onwards the community was part of the organization of the Kultusgemeinde (general community).

On the night of the pogrom the entire interior of the “Storchentempel” was gutted by the 89th S.S. platoon, and the stone depiction of the Ten Commandments detached from the exterior. The actual building is still standing but the frontage hardly depicts its former glory. Since 1968 a memorial tablet commemorates the former synagogue.
Located in: Vienna