Müllnergasse 21 "Chevra Beth Hatfilah" - 9th disctrict Aslergrund

Synagogue built in: 1888/89
Earliest record of community: 1867
Last rabbi: Dr. Arthur Zacharias Schwarz
Pogrom Night: Destroyed
Today: Apartment building
Summary: In 1888–1889 the Tempelverein “Chevra Beth Hatfilah”, founded in 1867, erected a synagogue at 21 Muellnergasse. It was designed by architect Max Fleischer in neo-gothic ecclesiastical style, in rough finished brickwork and with two 35-meter-high towers, somewhat similar to those of the more dominant faith. Another unusual feature was the frontage, which was the eastern wall containing the Aron Hakodesh (Holy Ark); this meant that the entrance to the synagogue was through the courtyard of 13 Gruenentorgasse . The interior contained seating for 322 men and 248 women on the aisles at the sides.

For many years the rabbi was Dr. Sigmund Gelbhaus. Later the community shared the services of Dr. Arthur Zacharias Schwarz, who was the community rabbi of the 18th district in the Schopenhauergasse synagogue. The Muellnergasse synagogue was also the headquarters of the ladies association affiliated with the congregation.

The synagogue was one of the first of those designated for destruction on November 10, 1938. By 6.45 am it was already in ruins. Since November 7, 1988, a memorial tablet marks the former site.
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Located in: Vienna