Neudeggergasse 12 (Synagogue association) - 8th District Josefstadt

Synagogue built in: 1903
Last rabbi: Dr. Moritz Bauer
Pogrom Night: Interior destroyed
After 1945: Demolished in 1940
Today: Apartment building
Summary: In 1903 the “Neudeggertempel”, designed by the architect Max Fleischer, was erected. In the course of building considerable negotiations were needed with the city building authorities who were then being very cautious in licensing public buildings owing to a fire which had recently broken out in the Viennese theatre. The building was financed from private means, a large part being a legacy from the former president of the Kultusgemeinde (general community), Baron Moritz von Koenigswarter.

The Gothic style building in rough brickwork, with its two pointed towers, stood out in the narrow Neudeggergasse, and the inlaid tablets of the Ten Commandments signified the co-existence of 19th century culture with Jewish tradition. The original budget did not allow for the interior to be decorated, so it was left plain. Later on, however, it was richly decorated in Gothic style. There was also accommodation for Hebrew and bible classes. After the First World War the rabbi was Dr. Moritz Bauer, and the cantors were Jakob Landau and Josef Grob.

In the course of the November pogrom the interior of the synagogue was laid waste and the entrance blocked up. In 1940 the synagogue was torn down. Today a block of flats stands at the site. Since June 15’, 1988, a memorial tablet marks the site of the former synagogue.

In 1988 an exemplary project was carried out in the Neudeggergasse, with a life-size portrayal of the façade of the former synagogue. Over a six-week period, meetings were arranged with former residents of the 8th district, which aroused much interest amongst the present inhabitants.
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Located in: Vienna