Schmalzhofgasse 3 (Synagogue association) - 6th district Mariahilf / Neubau

Synagogue built in: 1883/84
Earliest record of community: 1869
Last rabbi: Dr. Jakob Drobinsky
Pogrom Night: Burnt down
Today: Apartment building
Summary: In 1883-1884 the Tempelverein for the Mariahilf and Neubau districts erected a synagogue in the Schmalzhofgasse. The architect Max Fleischer designed the neo-gothic structure in unconcealed imitation of churches of that period. He intended by this means to demonstrate a certain reconciliation between the two faiths. The luxurious interior had seats for 322 men, 236 women, a choir and platform for the organ.

The first rabbi was Michael Papo, who was also the incumbent at the Turkish Temple in the Zirkusgasse. After his death in 1917, the position was taken by Rabbi Dr. Jakob Drobinsky, the cantor was Artur Lewin.

On the morning of November 10 1938, the synagogue was targeted for destruction by the 89th SS division under the command of Obersturmfuehrer Riegler and assistant officers Sischa and Osel. When the band of almost 300 reached the spot it was already in flames. “The Jewish Temples in Siebenbrunnengasse and Schmalzhofgasse were largely destroyed, only the remnant remains to be finalized”: so ran Riegler’s report. In fact, the inhabitants of the neighborhood participated in the destruction, to have opportunity to plunder the richly decorated interior. At 10:30 the fire brigade arrived and extinguished the flames consuming the interior furnishing, the roof and the ladies gallery. That night Rabbi Dr. Jakob Drobinsky committed suicide.

Since November 10, 1985 a memorial tablet at the entrance to the block of flats on the site commemorates the destroyed synagogue.
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Located in: Vienna