Untere Viaduktgasse 13 "Beth Ha'Knesset" - 3rd district Landstrasse

Synagogue built in: 1870s
Earliest record of community: 1870
Last rabbi: Prof. Dr. Kalman Kupfer
Pogrom Night: Blown up; later expropriated
Summary: Situated in a courtyard, the Association Synagogue on 13 Untere Viaduktgasse undertook , shortly before the Anschluss in 1938, to build on a specially acquired site at 38 Untere Weissgerberstrasse, a new synagogue which would jointly serve the Erdbergerstrasse and Steingasse communities. In a letter to the general community (Kultusgemeinde) in 1931, the president of the community, the lawyer Josef Auerbach, wrote “We desire a House of G-d, of which the exterior will also demonstrate our ancestral faith standing like a rock, against which its enemies, now arising, will shatter like glass.”

However these optimistic hopes were not to be fulfilled. On November 10 1938 at 10.29 am., the synagogue was blown up, destroyed except for its foundation walls and roof; no further use could be made of the building. On November 30 the synagogue handed over all its assets, including the ritual objects which had been saved from destruction, to the ownership of the Kultusgemeinde, meanwhile, that same month the site on which the synagogue had stood was “Aryanised”. Josef Auerbach was forced to acquiesce in this act of judicial robbery before he managed to leave for Holland, from where, in 1943, he was deported to Auschwitz.
Sources: - Genée, Pierre, Wiener Synagogen 1825-1938, Wien, 1987
- Bezirksmuseum Landstrasse, Nachrichten 1995/3: "Unsere vergessenen Nachbarn"
Located in: Vienna