Der Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Huldigungstempel, Pazmanitengasse 6 - 2nd District Leopoldstadt (names also "Aeschel Avrohom" & "Am Volkert")

Synagogue built in: 1911-1913
Earliest record of community: 1875
Last rabbi: Dr. Löbl Taubes
Pogrom Night: Destroyed
Today: Apartment block
Summary: The Association Synagogue, a substantial building with an impressive frontage, was erected in the Pazmanitengasse between 1911 and 1913 for the congregation Aeschel Avrohom (founded in 1875). It was designed by the architect Ignaz Reiser together with its neighbouring hall and library which served as a community centre. The impressive building, with turrets in the west frontage and a hint of towers at the rear, had a simple but powerful appeal. The three storied interior seated 500 men and 400 women. The centre of attraction was the disproportionately large Aron Hakodesh (Holy Ark) at the eastern wall, and the bimah (platform for Torah reading) which was placed right in front of it. The rabbi from 1915 till 1928 was Dr. Salomon [Shlomo] Funk who was, between the two world wars, also a member of the Beth Din (rabbinical court) of the general community (Kultusgemeinde). The chief cantor was Leopold Mueller, his assistant was Armin Stift.

After 25 years of existence the synagogue was destroyed during the pogrom of 10 November 1938. Today a memorial plaque marks its former location.
Located in: Vienna