Beth Aharon (House of Aharon), Siebenbrunnengasse 1a - 5th District Margareten

Synagogue built in: 1908 – 1910
Earliest record of community: 1875
Last rabbi: Dr. Gabriel M. Mehrer
Pogrom Night: Burnt down
Today: Apartment block
Summary: From 1908-1910, the community Beth Aharon, which served the areas of 1a Wieden and Margareten, erected a synagogue, designed by Jakob Gartner, at Siebenbrunnengasse .

It was distinguished from the neighboring buildings by the outstanding towers crowned with onion-shaped cupolas. It accommodated also the Margareten Jewish Ladies Charitable Association, a yeshiva, reading room and bible classes. In the period between the two world wars Israel Katz and Philipp Bassel were the cantors. Until 1923 Heinrich Leopold Reich functioned as rabbi, followed by Dr. Gabriel M. Mehrer, who had also served the communities of Krems on the Danube and Waidhofen on the Thaya in lower Austria.

The association synagogue was burned during the November pogrom. At 11:02 on the morning of November 10 it was set on fire, by noon it had been completely destroyed. On June 25, 1939, the community was officially closed down and its assets were divided between the Administrator of Liquidations Brunner and the Nazi party. On November 6, 1988, a memorial tablet was erected at the site.
Located in: Vienna