Stockerau (Districts Stockerau, Korneuburg, Langenzersdorf)

Synagogue built in: 1903
Earliest record of community: 1874
Last rabbi: Prof. Arnold Frankfurter
Community members: 1938 - 132
Pogrom Night: Expropriated and transformed into a church
Today: Protestant church
Summary: The earliest record of a Jewish community in Stockerau dates from 1874, when the community’s Minyan Association established a Jewish cemetery on Schießstattgasse, east of the municipal cemetery.

In 1903, the Stockerau synagogue, with a seating capacity of 200, was built, also on Schießstattgasse. In 1910, the Israelitische Kultusgemeinde Stockerau (Jewish Congregation of Stockerau) was established. The community founded a chevra kadisha (burial society) and a ladies’ charitable association. The congregation also maintained a prayer house in the nearby town of Korneuburg, at 19 Hauptplatz. Prof. Arnold Frankfurter from Vienna was rabbi of the Stockerau congregation.

In 1938, the Nazis expropriated the Stockerau synagogue. The prayer house was converted into an Evangelical church, in which a bell tower was constructed. On November 6, 1938, the former prayer hall was inaugurated as a Lutheran church.

After World War II, the former synagogue was transferred to the post-war Jewish Congregation of Vienna, which was the legal successor of the Stockerau congregation. The Viennese congregation sold the synagogue building to the Evangelical Church. Today, the building is used as a Protestant church.
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