Synagogue built in: 1896
Earliest record of community: 1890
Community members: 1890 - 76
Summary: Retz had 76 Jewish residents in 1890. The village’s Jewish community members, who were affiliated with the Jewish congregation of Hollabrunn, longed to have their own local prayer hall. They got their wish in 1896, when a prayer hall at 62 Retz (today 13 Lehengasse) was inaugurated in a festive ceremony. The prayer hall contained 68 seats, a Holy Ark with two Torah scrolls, a brass Menorah (ritual lamp), a parchment scroll of the Book of Esther, a Ner Tamid (eternal light), a marriage canopy and a central, raised platform. The prayer hall was used whenever there was a minyan (a quorum of 10 adult Jewish men) up until World War II.
Sources: Eberl, G., Die Israelitische Kultusgemeinde Horn und die Geschichte des provisorischen Bethauses in Retz, in: Das Waldviertel Heft 3/1993