Welcome to the Austrian synagogues memorial project

We are pleased to present online the former synagogues and Jewish communities of Austria. The archive includes articles describing every synagogue or prayer room of Austria before the Holocaust.

A lot of articles are accompanied, wherever possible, by photographs. It is important to the Synagogue Memorial 'Beit Ashkenaz', the publisher of the Gedenkbuch der Synagogen und jüdischen Gemeinden Österreichs (ISBN-13: 978-3850285650), a memorial book in German language, to make the many stories, both the beautiful and the tragic, of the Jews of Austria, accessible to the public. The English texts of this website are summarized versions of the original German articles.

The efforts were supported by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation and Austria's Future Fond. Contributes were made by the state of Upper Austria and the state governments of Lower Austria, Vorarlberg and Styria.